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TRAVEL SOLUTIONS is located in COSTA RICA,our premise is based   in the criteria that vacations are a necessity and not a luxury for human beings.  Therefore,   we are aware of the importance of  the necessary rest for people who visit COSTA RICA trying  to get away from the stresses of the big cities, tired of everyday life, looking for new things, adventures that may  mean an oasis in their  life and memories for the rest of their  lives. We specialize in designing your holiday to suit your expectations, bearing in mind the difference in tastes and desires of each and every one of our clients. About Travel Solution

The Costa Rican people is warm and sees the tourist as a friend. Rural Community Tourism

Besides the adventures as canopies, hikes, sky treks, rappel and bungee, among others, Costa Rica gives you the exciting opportunity to get deep into its jungles and mountains. List of Tours
Extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, amid mountains and rivers, which will make your vacations, an unforgettable experience?  Hotels list.
Volcanic activity is an example of how young is this land.  A new land, full of life and color. Full of natural surprises. See the  Costa Rican  Map.



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